Nearby Attractions

Nearby attractions add to the fun of everything we have at Merritt! Make time during your trip to explore all the Sandhills have to offer. Waterfalls, river floats, golf and more to add to your Nebraska bucket list.

Merritt Reservoir Nearby Attractions - Snake Falls

Snake Falls

Among Nebraska’s most spectacular waterfalls is Snake River Falls. Nebraska’s largest volume waterfall rushes over a 54-foot-wide ledge. When the Snake is full, it flows over the edge at a rate of 230 cubic feet per second. Water tumbles like a mountain stream as it flows 12 miles to the Niobrara River.

It is 23 miles southwest of Valentine, Nebraska on Highway 97. Snake River Falls is open year-round, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is $1 for adults, 75¢ for children under 18. For more information, click here. This nearby attraction is just 3 miles from the Trading Post- stop in and ask us for more info!

Merritt Reservoir Nearby Attractions - Niobrara

Niobrara River

Most visitors come to the Niobrara to float by canoe, tube, kayak, or raft. Enjoy floating the river, then spend the night at your cabin on Merritt. End your day by enjoying some night fishing, s’mores, sunsets and stars.

While floating the Niobrara is a popular summer activity, spring and fall are also great times to enjoy the river by canoe or kayak.

For more information, click here.

Merritt Reservoir Nearby Attractions - Valentine Wildlife Refuge

Nebraska Wildlife Refuge

The 71,516-acre Valentine National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Sandhills of north-central Nebraska. The Refuge is a unique and ecologically important component of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

The native grass prairie and wetlands found here support a diversity of wildlife. Little has changed from historic times. The Refuge was established by Congress in 1935 “as a breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife.” The Refuge is home to 270 species of birds, 59 mammals, and 22 species of reptiles/amphibians.

For more information, click here. Plus, for a full list of refuge activities, click here.

Merritt Reservoir Nearby Attractions - Prairie Club

Prairie Club Golf Course

Providing avid golfers the opportunity to experience world class golf has been the driving philosophy of The Prairie Club. They believe the world has its share of exclusively private clubs, five-figure dues and mediocre courses.

A semi-private destination, Prairie Club strives to provide the greatest value to members and their families. Meanwhile they offer access to public guests who want to experience world class golf on the Sandhills of Nebraska. Be sure to call ahead for access to this nearby attraction.

Merritt Reservoir Nearby Attractions - McKelvie Forest

Samuel McKelvie National Forest

Located south of Nenzel in Cherry County, the 116,000-acre area is a fantastic representation of the Nebraska Sandhills prairie ecosystem. A mix of forest and grassland makeup this nearby attraction.

Popular activities include hunting, hiking, horseback riding, camping and bird watching. One small campground is located on the southwestern edge of the forest. Also, a day use site on the Niobrara River for launching small water craft. Fishing is available in the adjacent Merritt Reservoir.

For more information, click here.

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